Siberian Huskies


Siberian Husky Traits

 Siberian Huskies have compact frames. They have medium-sized heads, sometimes having unique black & white or red & white patterns.  They have triangular ears that open forward and almond shaped- Piercing Blue eyes that create a cunning expression. Their erect necks and straight backs lead to bushy tails. Siberian Husky puppies can come in almost any color. Overall, they are well balanced dogs. 



 The Siberian Husky is not a one-person dog. Nor are they guard dog, they might let you know someone is around, but would not know to protect you. They are friendly and gentle dogs that are suspicious of strangers, but not aggressive toward other dogs. Some of the qualities that make Huskies wonderful companion are there intelligence, eagerness, and sense of humor. This puppies will never let you take life too seriously. 



The Siberian Husky should look “well furred” and indeed they do. They have a medium-length double coat. The undercoat is topped with straight guard hairs that lie smooth. That double coat means that the Siberian Huskies shed. They shed throughout the year; once or twice a year they undergo a process where you may feel that it is snowing red and white hair. A shedding blade or coat rake will help with this process.

Aside from the seasonal shedding Siberian Husky puppies are actually pretty easy to groom. Brush them occasionally with slicker brush to remove dead hair. Trim the hair between the foot pads. The Siberian Husky is a very clean dog with little to no odor. A bath is almost never necessary. Trim their nails as needed, Brush their teeth regularly with a vet-approved pet toothpaste.

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